Dancing Rules


  1. See also 'General Competition Rules' and 'General Festival Rules' as well as the
  2. Use Entry Form FPC5 to enter Dance Competitions
  3. A maximum of 3 entries apply for each country. If more than three entries are
    received it will be necessary to run a preliminary competition to select the entries
    going forward to the final.
  4. Competitors must be over 16 years of age.
  5. Competitors must supply own music.
  6. Performance must be not less than 3 minutes or exceed 6 minutes.
  7. Entry Fee Taille lontrala - €20 per group event; €5 per solo event.
  8. The following is the marking system which will apply to all competitions:

    Timing 20
    Carriage & Teamwork 20
    Steps of Figures 20
    General Effects 20
    Style 20

  9. New Invention Dance
    a. Teams should consist of at least six (6), but not exceeding twenty (20) members,
    and should perform a newly composed dance of a duration not less than three (3)
    minutes and not more than six (6) minutes to native traditional music.
    b. The dance must be continuous - with no breaks between movements.
    c. It would be desirable if the dance were to be based on a cultural or folklore theme
    from the team's native country.
    d. Competing teams must provide their own live music for their performances, and
    also, if the dance is theme based, a short written description of the story to the
    dance, and of the dance itself.

    Note for Irish teams
    Ceili dances from Ar Rind Foirne, published by An Coimisiun le Rind Gaelacha, and
    figures of country set dances (e.g. Kerry Sets, Clare Sets) do not satisfy requirements
    for this competition.

    If there are more than three entries from Eire for this competition, preliminary
    competitions will be run during the afternoon.